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Why Convert to Thesis 2.1?

Thesis 2.1 is one of the leading premium themes and the most flexible for WordPress.
With Thesis 2.1 we can easily create a unique template for any page or single post.

Unique Templates can include:

  • Different Headers or Logos
  • Different footers
  • Unique Menu Bars
  • We can add widget columns on any template, and much more

Building on Thesis 2.1 is Responsive for Mobile Devices!

Why is the Upgrade From Thesis 1.8.5 to Thesis 2.1 a Conversion?

Thesis 1 and Thesis 2 are completely two different frameworks for WordPress.

Updating from Thesis 1.8 to 1.8.5, the last version of Thesis 1, is an easy update.

Upgrading your site from Thesis 1.8.5 to Thesis 2.1 requires building the site from the ground up using the Classic-R skin that is built into Thesis 2.1.

There are many pre-built responsive skins for Thesis 2.1, however a custom designed site is unique and personal.

Unfortunately, this is the same scenario for any site that is build on the Classic skin on Thesis 2. The Classic skin is not Responsive.

Built on Thesis 1.8

conversion from Thesis 1.8

The Conversion to Thesis 2.1

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