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Your Extraordinary Future
Daniel Lock
Camillus Heritage
Photo Mommie
Storytime Legal
Italian Fix
NorCal Valuation
Home Repair Tutor
Honey Fanatic
Travel Enlightenment
Bare Essentials
Wildlife Warriors
Independent Spirituality

Mostly All Testimonials Posted are originally submitted on my DIY Themes Forum Ad!


Your Extraordinary Future

I highly recommend Shawn. He’s helped me out a great deal, and has been great to work with. Very fast service. He saved me a lot of time. Thanks Shawn. And best of luck to you in your future business!

Daniel Lock

This is to confirm that Shawn worked with me to help establish my website (, and did so in a manner that exceeded my already high expectations.

Specifically, he interacted as a peer providing input on best practices, handled issues professionally and effectively, and was especially responsive given we work half the world from each other.

I can endorse his work and ethics without reservation and would be happy to discuss details or answer any questions about his work for me.


Camillus Heritage

I can only confirm what everybody before me wrote.

Shawn is someone you don’t come across very often in today’s freelance world. He’s proactive and replies very fast. He follows up and is really honest. You get more than you pay for.

If you’re searching for someone to customize your blog, don’t hesitate any longer. Shawn can do the job.

Thanks again Shawn.

NorCal Valuation

We’ve been delighted with Shawn. He’s competent, dependable and highly responsive, which is really important to us since most of our business comes via our website!

Did I mention he’s great and answered all of my questions? Some of them more than once! Patient & thorough.

I look forward to working with him in future and would happily recommend him to anyone! I was nervous about finding a new web guy after our original web designer became unavailable, but we really needed someone to make some important changes and fix some ongoing annoyances.

After just a few email exchanges with Shawn, we felt confident enough to have him make the conversion from Thesis 1 to Thesis 2 with mobile responsiveness. The website is faster, looks sharp, and didn’t cost an arm & a leg!

Thanks for everything, Shawn. You can add us to your fan club.

Home Repair Tutor

Shawn did an amazing job for me and upgraded our site from Thesis 1.8 to Thesis 2.1 with no hiccups.

He’s amazingly quick and helped reconfigure parts of the site that I had no clue weren’t working properly.

The new design turned out great. It looks better. Flows better. And most importantly helps visitors get what they need.

In the short time the site’s be up and running I’ve seen more unique visitors, pages per visit, and a longer visit duration.

Obviously he knows what he’s doing and I’m totally excited to continue to work with him.

If you need a site redesign or need to talk to a pro make sure to contact Shawn.

Honey Fanatic

I hired Shawn to do work for me on my site (upgrade and customization), and I was beyond impressed. Not only did he help me create a more functional site, the changes were spectacular – more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

The most important thing for me is that Shawn is patient and is a good teacher. Many designers just go in and do their job, but Shawn is different. He took out the time to help me understand why he was doing certain things, and showed me where to go to make further adjustments if I wanted. He never made me feel that my questions or requests were stupid (being a non-techie person). I was also impressed by his promptness in responding.

And to top it all off, his services are very reasonable. My only regret is that I didn’t hire him sooner. I will definitely continue my relationship with him in the future.

Italian Fix

I hired Shawn once but just keep hiring him!
He has completed dozens of tasks for me and has kept my site healthy and beautiful.
His general knowledge of the web has also been very helpful; his suggestions have helped me reach larger goals for my website.
I came for the thesis help but I stayed for the constant knowledge and support.
Thanks for everything Shawn!


Thesis 1.8 Conversion to Thesis 2.1

Travel Enlightenment

Excellent design job preformed by DIY Theme Designer. Shawn was very helpful at getting me passed the learning curve with wordpress and thesis, I was totally stuck.

Business Communication Tools

Thought it the right thing to do to write a line or two about Shawn. He does what he says he will do, when he says he will do it. He advises without patronising and tells you what you have done wrong and corrects it, without making you feel stupid (thanks Shawn). I could ramble on but I now would not trust my site to anyone else and suggest you do the same.

Thanks again Shawn

Independent Spirituality
Spirit Entities
The Spirit World
Advent of Deception


Your work is as you promised. Glad I found you, and I’d recommend you to anyone.
You have choices when managing a blog. You can do it all, or you can delegate what you don’t do well. Thanks for the great work and different design ideas included converting my site from Thesis 1 over to Thesis 2.1.

If you get flummoxed by Thesis Theme widgets, plug-ins, and CSS (cascading style sheets), hire Shawn.

Bare Essentials
Wildlife Warriors

Web design with impact, this is what you can expect from DIY Theme Designer. Efficient and effective Shawn works fast and achieves great results. Taking care of the technical details allows you to focus on the content whilst Shawn optimizes your site improving your google ranking and attracting more traffic.

Above all, Shawn’s ability to troubleshoot is what I value most. Avoiding complications, offering alternative solutions and solving any issues quickly is an invaluable investment for an web/business owner.

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Automatic Mama

Shawn from DIY Theme designer is knowledgeable and fast. He makes great suggestions on how to improve, structure and resolve the issues you are having on your site. I highly recommend DIY Theme Designer!

Dennis Schoenberg Photography

DIY Theme did an amazing job upgrading my website. I had no time to do it myself and put all my trust into Shawn to do it for me. Which he did. With flying colors!!!
If you’re in trouble or running out of time Shawn is your man (and he’ll put in the extra mile). Quick reply and quick delivery. A+
Thank you.

Rightous In Christ

I engaged Shawn’s services to do some modifications to my web site over a period of about 4-6 weeks. Shawn was exceptionally professional, very prompt and delivered over and above what I wanted, even making extra enhancements to my site that I didn’t know I needed.

The large time difference between us was also no barrier to him doing the work and communicating what he had done in a timely manner. I could not endorse his services more highly and will be using him again in the future to continually help improve my site. Thanks, Shawn. I greatly appreciate all the work you’ve done.


The PR Coach

Shawn, did an exceptional job assisting me with a series of website issues. He helped resolve several challenging plug-in conflicts, solved several coding issues and tuned up my site speed considerably. All this work was done quickly, with a reasonable budget and great communication. He met all his commitments, responded quickly to questions and I highly recommend him.

Jeff Domansky

Photo Mommie

Shawn is absolutely amazing! He was extremely helpful and responsive. He was very easy to reach over the phone and/or email and he was very quick to get everything dialed in and working! He suggested many great plug-ins and security features that I had no clue about. I am very grateful that I found him because he has made the Thesis experience much more enjoyable. And I know I have a better working site because of him. Call him today! You won’t regret it!

Thesis 1.8 Conversion to Thesis 2.1


The Fashion Mobile

Just finished using DIY Theme (Shawn). He helped me with the Thesis theme and getting my site set up correctly so that it runs fast. I kept the design simple and clean and he made it the way I wanted. The Skype chats were a great way to get what I wanted communicated to him quickly and then I could see the results instantly.

I am totally going to continue to use Shawn as the site continues to evolve as I know that I can trust him and that he’ll go the extra mile to make it work for you. Thanks Shawn!

David Grim

Michaela French

I have had a WordPress blog for sometime and I recently transferred to Thesis from another theme. I have basic skills and was able to set up most of my blog myself, but when I hit the edge of my knowledge I got stuck pretty quickly. It became frustrating, time consuming and unproductive. I posted a few questions on the forums and in the process came across Shawn’s post for Thesis support. I emailed him with my questions, got a very quick reply and a good quote. He got to work and what a joy he is.

The main issue on the site was somewhere between the Thesis code and my host, Shawn was able to identify the problem and my host was able to make the required changes. I certainly could not have fixed this problem on my own. Shawn then went on to optimize and set up my blog so its running beautifully. It is a great relief and my site is now an absolute pleasure to use.

Shawn was great to work with; clear communication, quick response times, reliable, persistent, knowledgeable and lovely. His prices are very reasonable for the work he does and the effort he makes. I highly recommend him and I look forward to working with him again. Its very good to know that help is available if and when I need it future.

Shawn, you are a treasure, thank you so much for all your work.

Zen Copy

AWESOME AWESOME service and skill set. I had a long list of little things that needed tweaking on my zencopy blog. I usually do all this myself but it’s not my forte so takes a while. Shawn was amazing, very affordable, and he picked up a lot of things I wasn’t aware of so now my site not only looks a lot better, it’s way faster. I completely recommend DIY Theme!

Golf Course Homes AZ

I would highly recommend Shawn! I contacted him the other day when I needed help speeding up my site with W3 Total Cache and using a CDN. I was really struggling with the setup of this plugin and configuring it with MaxCDN. Shawn pretty much got back to me immediately and within a day had my site running lightning fast. He also helped me with some other plugins and a number of very useful recommendations with both my Thesis site and SEO. He also helped me with moving a couple sites from Godaddy to Host Gator. All this at a fair price and very fast service. I again would recommend Shawn and I am sure I will be using his services in the future as well!

Marketing Artfully

I posted a plea for help on the forum on speeding up my website and boy did I get more than I asked for!!! Shawn answered within an hour or so and has continued to show that kind of quick response. Yesterday my blog was slow, my categories were broken and I was super blue. This morning I got up and my site is lightning fast and everything is fixed. From making my site faster to great suggestions about plugins and even SEO, Shawn has been dream to work with throughout the process! I cannot recommend him highly enough to thank him for the great work! I will be using him on an ongoing basis and recommending him to clients who need programming and hosting help on their sites. His quick response time and super fair pricing make this a no-brainer. THANKS SHAWN!

Discover Colombia

My Story:

Ex-Mortgage Banker who took off for Souh America in 2005. In 2007 everything went to crap so I thought I would start a travel guide website and new venture. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! I was another one of those “me too” wanna-be website entrepreneurs with grand visions and no technical skills to match. So, what did I do? I threw alot of money at a pretty custom design and crossed my fingers. The website got cast out into the oblivion of all the other wasted code in the internet universe and I was there scratching my head? What the hell just happened?

Phase 2:

I found Thesis. Now I have a real tool that help me pull my website out of the abyss and into the light. All is saved, right? Wrong! If you are new to blogging, websites, general code building, etc. it is like handing a child a set of golf clubs.

The equalizer is the education. That is where the help from this forum is invaluable and where Shawn excels. Not only does he address the “roadblocks”, he takes the time to show you how to use your new tool. Does it happen overnight? No! However, in time, Shawn will clearly show you how to gain control back over your website by correctly using Thesis as it should be used. Even Tiger Woods had a teacher…

If you are looking to gain insight and understanding of Thesis, get in contact with Shawn. The bottom line is that he takes pride in his work and takes it to the next level. That is rare to find in today’s world.

Thanks Shawn and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Geriatric Care Management

I used DIY Theme to help me add some features that I was unable to do on my own. Shawn was terrific. He went above and beyond what I asked for a low cost and the entire job with extras was complete in about 24 hours. I would recommend him to others and would work with him again. Best of luck, Shawn! Thanks for making my first hire job so easy.

Sports Gambling Guide

Greetings Thesis users!

I recently hired Shawn to fix a few issues and clean up my website. I couldn’t be more pleased with his performance. I found that he is focused and attentive, and I especially appreciate the fact he like to communicate by phone or skype. He fixed my issues and did so quickly. He personalized a SEO plan for the website and followed up to ensure I understood his recommendations. My experience is that Shawn is professional, friendly, reliable, and affordable. I will hire him again in the future.

Thank You Shawn.
Best Regards,

Home is Where You Start From

Shawn just did some work on my blog site, and I am really pleased with his work and really, really pleased with his pricing. I have a hobby-blog, don’t really make much money on it, mostly just free perks once in a while…so I really couldn’t rationalize spending a lot of money on my site. But- I was running an older version of Thesis, like 3 upgrades ago, I think. I wanted to get google authorship for my site, and couldn’t even figure out how to do it- and then I realized the new Thesis could probably do it for me, and then I realized if I upgraded to the newest, I would lose the custom design of my blog. And then, I realized I couldn’t even follow the directions to do just the upgrade one step up from what I had…so I asked Shawn for a quote.

I am so pleased with his work. He did what I asked, made several suggestions that made sense- like email subscription for my blog, made backup happen automatically (I didn’t really know how to backup my site..sad..) and made my site mobile friendly. He moved things around, got rid of some things to make my blog less clunky and work better. Communication with him was great, his work was done timely, and he gave great suggestions and did what I asked when I had a different idea. Most important to me, I didn’t lose my custom design when upgraded to the newest Thesis, everything looked the same, there was no downtime. Thank you, Shawn for making my blog better!

Club GSM Chinois

Hi everybody,

Shawn is the REAL deal (period).

When I first came here after buying and installing my thesis theme, I saw all those reviews, I was thinking they were fake (for real). But I told myself, since I didn’t have much choice, let me contact the guy.

I did open a post as well if I remember well, and contacted a few other guys, but Shawn was the first one who contacted me, and thank God he did.

Within 48 hours, I had a brand new thesis powered wordpress blog well optimized, I was so happy and most importantly the price was more than fair for the work he did and the speed of the work (less than 48 hours).

No doubt I will keep working with shawn in the near future, it’s not easy to find competent and trustful guy like that.
Shawn is a HIGHLY reference when it comes to Thesis powered wordpress blog, the guy knows his stuff and he knows it well.

Thanks shawn!!!

DJ Grad School (Site no longer up)

DIY Theme did a great job helping me sort through the learning experience of Thesis. I received help getting everything set up and optimized, and with making my site more secure. Plus, I got informed about some very important plug-ins and other software to help me out. Almost instant service as well! Thanks for the help!!! —Jack Hicks

TablettesPc (Site no longer Up)

Hi everyone!

I’ve never thought it would be so easy to work with a professional person, when mostly this person you only know him form the virtual portal on the internet…

Once again, Shawn keeps amazing me and my company profile has greatly improves since he worked on two blog for us, getting them on Thesis and customizing them very professionally.

Well once again we recommend this guy and we are already working on a third project with him.

Ebuy Boxes (Site no longer up)

I can truly recommend Shawn for working on your Thesis WP site. He is very easy to work with and gives great support. He is available thru Skype and follows up when needed. I look forward to working with Shawn on future projects

Thanks, Shawn

Action Pro Internet (Site no longer up)

Shawn did a great job from scratch, I made it frustrating for him as I was not clear in my mind of what I really wanted. However he is patient, fair and I am certain is always available to answer questions, provide encouragement and help out at any time regardless of where he is in the world.

Membership.Marketingarfully (Site no longer up)

I have to say that working with Shawn is a DREAM! His response times are great and work is done when he says it will be – I always recommend him when one of my marketing clients needs some technical help on their wordpress blog. So when I needed some tuning done on my membership site, I shot Shawn an email. It is running better BUT the best part is that he gave her a little facelift! I KNOW, I am in marketing and could have done it myself, but I didn’t. He moved some things around and changed the colors a bit and now the usability AND looks are much nicer! Thanks for another great job Shawn!!!!

Re Do It (Site no longer up)

Here’s all I need to say about Shawn.

I hired Shawn over a year ago to get a small website up and running. He did far more work than I paid him to do. Just the other day my site was hacked and shut down. I called a brother with a web company, the head of a local SEO company who I’ve done some work for, and sent an email off to Shawn. Shawn was the first person to respond – from half way across the planet – and by the next day had my site back online.

Low Carb Down Under (Site no longer up)

I heard that many podcasters were using Thesis and so I went and purchased the latest Thesis 2.0. Then I started tutorials and learnt that the learning curve was far great than I imagined. Then I went looking for some help – not just someone who went away and did the whole job and charged a small fortune, but someone I could work with, help me learn the ropes, and be proactive making suggestions – all the time being patient with me (not knowing what I don’t know) and needing to go over some things twice. Shawn has been a great help. He’s somewhere in the USA and I’m down here in Brisbane Australia. Highly recommended! Jamie Hayes

Tallahassee Real Estate (Changed Designs)

Shawn and I are not yet done, but I can tell you his impact on my real estate website has been profound! If you are thinking about getting some expert help with your Thesis site, you would be crazy not to talk to Shawn first! I’ve been very pleased so far and expect a long-term relationship with him.